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Beautiful Remodel in Los Gatos




los gatos, ca

project details

This project aimed to create inviting and timeless living spaces that bridge the gap between contemporary and traditional aesthetics. By seamlessly merging classic and modern elements, the aim is to evoke a sense of comfort, elegance, and balance in every aspect of the interior space. Through careful selection of furnishings, colors, textures, and finishes, the objective was to bring harmony and fluidity to the space, appealing to both traditional sensibilities and modern preferences.

client review

We felt very lucky to have hired Juliana as our designer for the master bathroom remodel project. We love her design style - simple, elegant, functional. During the initial design stage, she spent time carefully listen to our needs. Selecting stones and tiles can be a very overwhelming task for most of us especially when faced with many choices of color, shape and material. She walked us through the process step by step, helped us narrow down the selections and pieced together the space of our dream.  Then she carefully took that and transformed into a detailed plan.  Throughout our project, she was also my go-to-person to bounce off ideas on design details/questions. She is amazing in that she is very pleasant to work with and always put our needs as priority. She keeps our budget in mind and presented the best selection without compromising the style or the budget. She is currently working on our kitchen design now. I highly recommend her to anyone.

- Helen S.

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