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Bay Area Interior Designer

New Construction Interior Design

Design of cabinetry and built-in items, plus the selection of all interior finishes, plumbing, and lighting, as well as the creation of CAD construction document details.

By partnering with your preferred architect and/or contractor on your new construction project, we draft the remaining essential details needed for the construction. We assist in selecting all elements, including cabinetry, interior and exterior paint, counters, tile, flooring, plumbing, lighting, and appliances. These elements are incorporated into the plans, providing you with an accurate visualization of your future home. As the construction unfolds, we assume the role of the primary team to address any questions that might arise, ensuring a smooth execution of the project. Additionally, we are always available for project check-ins so that the final construction aligns seamlessly with your approved designs.

Remodel Interior Design

Redesign of interior home layout and built-in items, including the selection of all construction finishes, plumbing, and lighting, as well as the creation of CAD construction documents.  

In our remodeling projects, we offer a comprehensive service that includes not only designing the space but also drafting all necessary drawings and documents for contractor bidding and construction. After you've approved the Schematic Design—which encompasses all the finishes, fixtures, and appliances—we compile a complete construction packet. This allows you to solicit contractors to bid on your project, as necessary. Once the construction bids are received, you have the liberty to choose your preferred contractor. Throughout the construction process, we serve as the ultimate point of contact for any design-related inquiries, ensuring a smooth transformation of your space, exactly as envisioned.

Bay Area Interior Designer
Bay Area Interior Designer

Interior Decorating

Furniture, art, accessories, lighting, and window treatment selection.

For each decor project, we initiate the process by creating a bespoke concept that not only resonates with your personal style but also complements the space's inherent character. We take on the task of sourcing each piece of furniture and decor that's vital to actualize this concept. Our recommendations, coupled with a scale drawing of the anticipated furniture arrangement, are presented in a design meeting. Once we have the approval on all items, we kickstart the purchasing process. Our team is responsible for overseeing every stage - shipping, tracking, and ensuring that the final installation is in complete alignment with the approved concept.

Bay Area Interior Designer

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