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Curious about how we transform dream spaces into reality? Dive into our FAQs for insights into our collaborative process, typical project timelines, and more.

  • Do you offer architectural services?
    Yes, our team includes an architectural designer that can create full architectural plans and we work closely with engineers that provides structural calculations. The plans can be used for accurate contractors’ bids and permitting submissions.
  • How does shipping and delivery work?
    When we assemble a purchase invoice of your approved items, we include the cost of shipping and delivery. This cost reflects shipping the item from the supplier to our warehouse, receiving the item at the loading dock, inspecting the item, storing the items until delivery, and hiring movers to deliver everything and place it in your home.
  • I have a couple of pieces that I’d like to incorporate into the design. Is that possible?
    Definitely! Whenever possible, we like to use existing pieces, especially those with special meaning to you. That said, we will be sure to tell you when existing pieces are holding back the style direction or simply won’t work with the proposed new layout. Often, existing pieces can be repurposed in other rooms if needed. Please note that, typically, having existing pieces doesn’t mean design fees are lower, as it takes just as much time for us to incorporate those items into a design scheme as it would a new piece.
  • Can you work on just one part of the home at a time?
    We prefer projects with at least a few rooms so that we can develop a full-home vision and reduce costs through efficiency. Designing three rooms at once takes less time and costs less than designing three rooms one at a time. The plan itself can be implemented over time. We can add to your scope of work during your project or at a later date if and when you’d like to do so.
  • Can I buy everything on my own?
    We will help you through the ordering of surface materials, appliances, and plumbing fixtures and share our trade discounts when they are available. We purchase all cabinetry, furniture, lighting, and decor after we receive payment from you.
  • Where do you shop?
    We have a list of preferred vendors that offer our clients better discounts and great customer service as well as the best selections for materials, appliances, plumbing fixtures, etc. We are also a direct dealer of Crystal Cabinets, one of the best cabinetry manufacturers in the country. They offer a wide range of custom cabinetry for different styles and budgets. We purchase from many different vendors in order to tailor the design to each individual space, meaning that no one project is the same.
  • Can I project manage this myself?
    The contractor manages everything related to construction and we attend jobsite meetings and meetings with vendors as needed. We’ve learned from past projects in which the client did the project management that the project ended up requiring more designer time, thus costing more than it would to have the design or construction team oversee the project management.
  • What is your rate structure?
    For all design services, we operate on an hourly fee basis. When it comes to purchases, our pricing model includes our discounted designer purchase price, in addition to a mark-up. We believe in transparency and sharing value; therefore, any discounts we receive on hard surfaces and materials are passed on to our clients. Every project has its unique requirements and we are here to cater to yours. For a comprehensive understanding of our pricing structure and to discuss your individual project needs, please feel free to contact us.
  • I know what I want and already have everything. Can you just help me tie it all together?
    Our most successful projects occur when we are involved from the inception, allowing for a cohesive, collaborative plan and concept to come together seamlessly. We currently do not accept one-room "tie it all together" projects. Despite their seemingly small scope, these projects demand a significant amount of time and resources. Over time, we have noticed that such arrangements do not provide a rewarding experience for either the client or our office. We aim to ensure that every project we undertake is beneficial and satisfying for all parties involved.
  • Can you come to my home?
    After a quick chat by phone or Zoom, we schedule an in-person meeting to get to know you and go through the scope of your project. Together, we will discuss your goals and budget, timeline, and design recommendations. We also show you examples of our process and the deliverables you can expect from us. Then, once we are in contract to begin your project, we will measure your space and move forward with design.
  • How long will my remodel take?
    Once your project begins, it’s best to budget at least three months for a small kitchen or small bathroom project. Your contractor can give you a more accurate estimate of cost and timeline once your entire design is complete. If you are hoping to remodel a year from now, it’s time to begin your design process so that everything and everyone is ready in time.
  • Can you start right away?
    For the most part yes! We can have a short waitlist, but we will work with you regarding your preferred timeline.
  • How long will it take to design my project?
    The hours needed depend on the scope of work and level of detail. The number of design meetings needed depends on how many rooms, details, and revisions we work on. Typically it takes about four weeks from signing our contract and starting the design process to when you will have a plan that you can share with contractors for bidding.
  • Do you help with the permitting process?
    Yes, our architectural designer can submit the permit plans and follow the permit process through permitting issuance.
  • Can I add to my scope of work?
    Yes. We can always help with expanding a project. Keep in mind that designing more areas/items will require more time and design fees.
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