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Our Process

We love creating projects that are a true reflection of our client's unique personalities and lifestyles. It's more than just aesthetics for us, it's about designing a space that resonates with you and tells your story. We follow our well-established five-phase process for every project, whether we’re working on an interior decor refresh, a comprehensive remodel, or a brand-new construction.

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During our initial interview, we'll dive into your design goals for the project, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current space. We define the budget and the scope of work, aligning it with your ideal timeline for completion. To help us visualize your dream space, we encourage you to provide inspirational images of rooms or furnishings that mirror your desired style. Additionally, a "wish list" is crucial at this stage; it gives us a clearer understanding of your project goals and the special items you want to incorporate in your new space. This in-depth approach to our initial interview helps us lay a strong foundation for your project and paves the way for the successful implementation of each subsequent phase.


Schematic Design

During this phase, we thoroughly assess all aspects of your project and offer our initial concepts aimed at realizing your design objectives within the set parameters. More specifically, we visit your property to measure the existing space and draft initial floor plans. Next, we'll arrange a Zoom meeting to present these initial concepts, allowing for further refinement based on your feedback and preferences.


Design Development

Upon your approval of the Schematic Design concept and layout, our team proceeds with developing the comprehensive design. This phase involves the selection of finishes, fixtures, and furniture that align with the established design concept. Depending on the scope and size of the project, several meetings may be held, presenting you with further refined selections and drawings. We also refine the layout before moving on to elevation drawings, cabinetry drawings, and lighting plans.


Construction Documents

In addition to floor plans, we also provide lighting plans, switching plans, elevations, and cabinetry layouts. Once the design is approved, we finalize all construction documents and begin purchasing items. The final drawings contain specific details for all tradespeople and vendors to ensure the accurate execution of our design plan. Upon request, we obtain estimates from vendors on your behalf as needed.


Design Management

Throughout the construction process, our aim is to guide you through what can often be a challenging and disruptive experience. We will advocate for you if any issues arise and ensure that your needs are fully addressed. We assist in the creation of a construction punch list and/or oversee the installation of all finishes to make sure the design is being implemented as planned. 

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