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6 Ways To Add Color Into Your Home (No Paint Required!)

Are you growing a little weary of your white walls and grey furniture? Fortunately, the solution is easy: Color is a simple way to instantly boost your mood and enliven your space. Whether it’s a couple of pretty pillows on the sofa, a piece of art that puts a smile on your face, or a vibrant vase to uplift your kitchen, here are some of the best and easiest ways to add a pop of color to your home!

1. Pillows

Whether you go for textured stripes, a hint of shine, or a dazzling geo pattern, pillows offer a quick and cozy way to bring visual interest to a space. It’s incredible how just a few pillows can change the whole vibe of your sofa or bed. For a budget-friendly solution- you can simply change out the covers.

2. Plants and Accessories

Source: West Elm

Flowers and plants add color, but so can planters and vases. This neutral console table is brought to life with the addition of a variety of vases in punchy pops of color.

3. Dinnerware

Source: CB2

Make meals a special occasion worthy of your culinary efforts with chic and vibrant dinnerware. The stunning teal in the dinnerware pictured here would make a rich and beautiful backdrop to any cuisine.

4. Bedroom

You can make a significant impact with colorful bed linens, and since it’s a practical purchase, you can get a few different sets so you can change up the look whenever you like. If you’re not sure about adding a lot of color to the bedroom, try a few colorful pillows and a throw. Or, of course, you can go all-in with a mix of bold bedding and pillows.

5. Rugs

You can easily lay a happy foundation with a gorgeous rug in your room. Whether it’s a splash of patterns in your entryway, a soothing sea of blues in your bedroom, or lively patterns reenergizing your family room, changing your rug has a major impact.

6. Art

Add warmth to your home with artwork that will brighten your day every time you see it. Just be sure that the colors in your artwork tie back to the palette in the rest of the space. If you’re investing in a large art piece, make it the focal point on a large wall. On the other hand, if you’re opting for more affordable prints, try grouping a few together for a gallery wall arrangement.

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