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Refuge Reset: How the 'New Normal' Can Mean Living More Beautifully

Interior Design Became Essential.

The current health crisis is causing us to view our homes from a new perspective. This is a time when we realize how much we need our refuge and how important it is for our homes to work for us and meet our evolving needs. Many of us now permanently work from home, our classrooms are online and we're just generally spending more time at home than we used to- all of which will have an impact on interior design trends going forward. Spaces are being re-imagined and used in varying ways to coincide with our different expectations and aspirations for what a home can be.

Here are 5 ways you can revamp your home so it will transition seamlessly into the 'new normal':

1. Delight in the Details

When your entire life is happening inside your home, it really matters how you feel in the space. Interior designers have always had a strong focus on this even before quarantine, guiding clients to pay attention to how they spend their time at home and how each room might make them happier. A well-designed home will not overlook the little details that support you and your ability to live beautifully. It's no longer all about the hottest fad but about creating a home that's a personal refuge and a reflection of your best self.

What's great is these changes don’t have to be complicated or expensive. It could be as simple as creating a clean and chic entryway space or mudroom, so if and when you do have to leave the house, you can come back to a clutter-free and welcoming space. For a mood boost, mix things up a bit by changing out the color palette of throw pillows and other textiles. Add blankets with incredible texture to create visual interest and a cozy vibe.

Here are a few of my top recommendations:

2. The Hygienic Home

In light of recent times, many have taken a proactive approach in protecting themselves and family members while inside their home. Hygienic materials and finishes are definitely trending: antimicrobial options like porcelain tile, copper fixtures and stainless steel appliances for the kitchen and bathroom are likely to be the collective go-to moving forward. The ever-popular touchless faucets are no longer a luxury but a non-negotiable, as are laundry appliances and dishwashers with a sanitize function.

Here are a few of my top recommendations:

3. Alfresco Living Options

Designing outdoor living spaces has taken on renewed importance during the pandemic. People desire to create their own private outdoor retreat, whether it be a patio, outdoor kitchen or fully landscaped backyard. To create a space that expands your indoor living out into the elements, consider incorporating water, fire, light and plenty of flora. An outdoor fire pit is always a win, and who isn’t instantly more relaxed by the sound of a water fountain?

Include a variety of comfortable seating options and surfaces such as lounge chairs and an outdoor dining set- and don’t forget to style the table with outdoor lanterns which double as a great ambient light as well as décor. In some cases, a canopy or umbrella is a must to keep the space useable on hot days. With a few simple adjustments, you can quickly create an additional space to sit and have coffee, work, enjoy a meal and more.

Here are a few of my top recommendations:

4. Separate but Together

Moving forward, there will definitely be a trend towards many of us continuing to work and learn from home. This means we need to be thoughtful about clearly defined spaces and designated areas that foster the greatest amount of productivity and balance. Home offices now must be fully functional with proper seating and work surfaces, good lighting and organization.

Investing in quality pieces is a must, as this is likely where you will be spending the greater portion of your week. Short on space? An unused spare bedroom is an obvious choice for a home office, but what if this isn't an option? Creating a desk niche in the kitchen is an excellent and efficient solution when space is an issue, plus it can double as a homeschool station.

Noisy kiddos? A chic and functional way to keep the peace is by installing a sliding door, which works equally well for an office, playroom or family room. Bonus- it looks great whether it's open or closed so you can stylishly conceal clutter.

Here are a few of my top recommendations:

5. Kitchen Organization

It has become all the more clear how important the organization of our space is in facilitating productivity and creativity. Cooking has become a favorite new hobby for many sheltering in place, which in turn has brought many to the realization that their kitchen space is less than ideal when it comes to organization. The frequency of cooking and subsequent groceries has forced us to rethink how we store food and organize our cooking utensils. In addition, specialty appliances that assist novice chefs in attaining gourmet results at home like bread machines and food processors are now taking up precious counter real estate.

Clutter adds low level stress, yet people tolerate it because they’re busy and aren’t sure how to take care of it. Fortunately, there are solutions that maximize the efficiency of the kitchen. From drawer organizers, pantry and cabinet organizers to lazy susans, Rev-A-Shelf has a creative product option that will check off every box on your organizational to-do list. These organizational tools and many more are also available through high-quality custom cabinetry companies, like Crystal Cabinets.

Here are a few of my top recommendations:

This is the perfect time to work on any home project, and there are so many ways you can create a better space for yourself and your family. If you're feeling overwhelmed and could use help, Spaces by Juliana offers web-based consultations and full e-design services to help you create a happier home. We are here for you, connect with us today to learn more!

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