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Top 5 Lighting Trends of 2022

Lighting is so integral to our homes, yet it's often not thought about in the same way as other décor and furnishings, and in some cases, it's neglected altogether, which is a HUGE mistake! Trends are looking more brilliant than ever in 2022, and there is absolutely something for everyone and every style. From show-stopping chandeliers to subtle lamps, here are the top lighting trends and tips on incorporating them into your own space.

1. Oversized and Attention-Getting

Lighting is a guaranteed way to make a space feel new again, and one fun way to do this in 2022 is to add an oversized chandelier. This is a great refresh to a space that guests will notice right away. Chandeliers are no longer just reserved for dining rooms and foyers—there can be a space for them in quite a variety of settings, like this beauty hanging above this luxe bath tub:

2. Unexpected Matches

Some styles, although very different from each other, are a harmonious match when paired together. For example, timeless silhouettes are being created with modern finishes when it comes to lighting trends in 2022. This is an especially great solution for indecisive decorators who can't choose between styles. Take an old-world design element like a chandelier, and modernize it, which will create the perfect contrast between traditional and modern.

3. Natural Textures

Nature is one of the most rejuvenating places to spend time in, and who wouldn't want their space to reflect that calming energy? Even lighting is taking part in that concept this year. Rattan, wood materials, and other natural textures are a trend that gives the room a relaxed look. What's even better is you can incorporate these types of fixtures in nearly any room, including kitchens, entryways, living spaces, and more.

4. Design Details

Unique and fun finishes are a popular lighting trend come 2022: Metal, whether bronze, gold, or nickel, will add an elegant component to the room. And don't overlook the bulbs! Getting creative with the light bulbs is a great way to change the look of the entire fixture. This is also the perfect solution for adapting the same fixture to different rooms' themes, like the Edison bulbs seen in this gorgeous metal fixture:

5. Layers of Lights

2022 is all about bringing back the look of layered lighting and will see a significant emphasis placed on incorporating multiple fixtures in a room. And while the ideal lighting plan may sound like many lights, it's necessary for larger spaces like living rooms where lamps and overhead lights play specific roles for different situations.

For instance, the chandelier may be the accent lighting in a space, but you'll also need to add layers of various lighting sources for versatility and depth. This can include recessed lighting, art lighting, wall sconces, and task lamps. Don't forget about dimmers- a definite must! Installing dimmer switches will give you the flexibility to control the room's mood.

Lighting can be complicated, so to help you get the lowdown on all things lighting, check out the Lighting Guide. Are you looking for more hands-on help when it comes to your lighting plan? No prob! Connect with Spaces by Juliana today and get expert advice on the perfect lighting scheme for YOUR home!


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