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5 Types of Bathtubs: How to Choose the Perfect One

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom with the perfect tub? Look no further! From classic clawfoot tubs to modern alcoves, or dramatic freestanding baths, this guide will walk you through some of the most popular and stylish bathtubs. With their unique features and benefits, each one will make an elegant addition to any bathroom!

When selecting the perfect bathtub, there are plenty of details to take into account. Here are a few key considerations that can help guide you toward making an informed decision:


When choosing a bathtub, the size of your bathroom matters. Make sure that what you choose fits comfortably in the space – and don't forget yourself! Your height, weight, and comfort contribute to which tub is best for you; measure carefully before deciding.


Your bathtub is more than a functional fixture - it's an opportunity to make a statement. From rectangular designs that suit minimalist bathrooms, through oval shapes for traditional elegance, up to circular tubs lending your space modern sophistication, whichever shape you choose can serve as the perfect finishing touch!


Choosing a bathtub material requires careful consideration of factors such as durability, maintenance, and cost. Acrylic, cast iron, and fiberglass are popular choices. Still, each has its own qualities that could be either beneficial or detrimental to your project – make sure you weigh the pros and cons before deciding on the best option for you!


When choosing the perfect bathtub, you'll want to keep your budget in mind. Whether it's a luxurious soaker tub or a freestanding economic model, plenty of options are available that will suit any price point - just be sure to compare sizes, materials, and features before making a decision!

Bathtub Styles

1. Alcove Bathtub

Alcove bathtubs provide a practical and stylish solution for bathrooms of any size! Its three-wall installation is the perfect option to maximize space while making a statement. A range of sizes is available too - so there's sure to be one that suits your needs perfectly.

2. Freestanding Bathtub

Make a real statement in your bathroom with the modern, luxurious look of a freestanding bathtub! These versatile tubs can be installed anywhere to create an eye-catching centerpiece. With shapes ranging from sleek and contemporary designs all the way up to grand Victorian styles, there is something for everyone.

3. Drop-In Bathtub

This bathtub is installed into a platform or a built-in alcove, with the tub's rim sitting on the platform's edge. This style is excellent for those who want a custom look and can be designed to fit any bathroom style.

4. Clawfoot Bathtub

Source: Signature Hardware

An elegant and classic clawfoot bathtub adds a timeless touch to your bathroom. Its distinctive design features four legs that resemble claws, giving it a vintage flair sure to turn heads.

5. Japanese-style Bathtub

This tub captures the essence of Eastern design, combining classic freestanding beauty with a touch of Asian-inspired sophistication. An artful and stunning piece for any bathroom!

Whether you're looking for something sleek and stylish or a more classic, vintage design, there's no shortage of options for choosing the perfect bathtub. Think about your budget, how much space is available in your bathroom, and what features suit your needs best, and you'll be on track to find just what you're searching for! If you want expert advice on which bathtub is perfect for your project, connect with Spaces by Juliana today!


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