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8 Tips to Get a Spa-worthy Bathroom

Designing a spa-worthy bathroom of any size or style can be accomplished through everything from strategic space planning to fixtures and finishes. Whether you want to turn your bathroom into your own little retreat or just want to make it more welcoming, these eight tips will help make every day a spa day.

1. Reduce Visual Clutter

Bathrooms, especially modest-sized ones, can quickly get cluttered with everyday items and products. You can create the illusion of more space by wrangling those products into containers. Look for ones with a clean and simple design in long-lasting materials like glass, wood, or stone.

2. Add a Bathtub Tray

Of course, a deep soaking tub sends some serious spa vibes, but you're missing out on that extra special something if it's sans tray. It's a simple detail that makes a big impression, whether it's made of natural wood like the one pictured here, or you could consider something glam like lucite.

3. Upgrade Your Shower Head

For those of you who don't have a soaking tub, a luxe shower head is a must-have. Whether you prefer a waterfall shower or a handheld showerhead, a high-end shower head will instantly update your bathroom.

4. Add Shelving

Organization is a challenge, especially in a small bathroom, so consider shelving your new BFF. Install tiers of open shelving on your walls, add a few baskets for toiletries and a decorative accent or two, and you've got yourself an instant (and organized) spa retreat!

5. Go All White

Color scheme is an essential factor, and spas are meant to exude cleanliness and purity, so it's often best to go all white. Your walls can be a white or a warm off-white, and select tiles and cabinetry that match. The overall feel will be serene, calm, and bright.

6. Use Calming Neutral Tones

If going all-white isn't your thing, you can consider styling your bathroom in soft creams, grays, or beiges for a calm and clean feel. Consider layering shades of the same tone throughout the space to keep things cohesive.

7. Add Polished Accents

For a luxe look, incorporate polished metal accents in the space—cabinet hardware, lighting fixtures, soap dispenser, mirror frame, etc. A touch of shine throughout a bathroom adds a feel of sophistication.

8. Open Floor Plan

If you're renovating your current bathroom or building a new one, then you definitely want to consider the layout of your space. An open floor plan creates an airy, open, and chaos-free feeling and makes it much easier to get in a zen state.

Which of these 8 tips are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments! Would you like an expert to help you create the relaxing at-home spa experience you've been dreaming of? Connect with Spaces by Juliana today!


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