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How to Design a Powder Room Like a Pro

The powder room. No matter how small, it’s a space that can be used to create a BIG design statement. But how do you create a gorgeous design without going overboard? Of course, you want it to have the "wow" factor, so read on for tips and expert designer insights on how to create a powder room that's dressed to impress!

Keep it Focused

While eye-catching design elements are encouraged in a powder room, it’s important to have a clear vision so you don’t end up with clashing styles. By choosing one dominant element, such as beautiful wallpaper or unique tile, you can then easily build the rest of the room around it using subtle but coordinating details. Everything needs to balance out, so if you go graphic and bold on the walls, you might want to have a simple floor. Speaking of flooring, this is a MUST read- Bathroom Flooring: The Best and Worst Materials

Dress the Walls

One popular way to bring life to a powder room is with wallpaper. Just because the space is small doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have pattern! In this example, a lovely metallic floral motif was used to create visual interest and give the space personality. Don't be afraid to go bold or use dark hues!


Showstopping Sink

The sink can easily become the centerpiece of the powder room, and there are MANY styles to choose from. If space is an issue, a porcelain wall-mounted or simple pedestal sink may be best. However, if you want a dazzling place to wash your hands, consider going with a hammered metal option. Speaking of metals, be sure to check out this post: Master the Mix: 5 Design Tips for Mixing Metals


Light it Right

The powder room is a key place where guests check their appearance, so it's imperative that you add fixtures that provide a flattering light. Avoid using bluish-white LED's - instead, you want to use low levels of warm light (color temperature of about 2,700 Kelvin.) Lighting is so critical for ANY space, which is why reading my Lighting Guide is a must!

Sconces hung at eye level on either side of the mirror will do the trick, while an additional overhead fixture can provide ambient light for the rest of the space. Not only are light fixtures functional, but they give you an opportunity to add sculptural appeal. Never underestimate the power of GOOD lighting! If you want to see some FABULOUS examples of iconic lighting fixtures, check out this post: Interior Design Icons Lighting Edition.


So there you have it! Remember- have fun with your powder room! This is a space where you can be a little fearless and go bold. Also- don’t be shy and spring for upgraded luxe materials because you won’t need much of them! Let us know your powder room plans in the comments! If you want a powder room pro to help you create a jaw dropping design, connect with Spaces by Juliana today!


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