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Master the Mix: 5 Design Tips for Mixing Metal Finishes

mixed metals kitchen

Mixing metal finishes might be intimidating at first, but with the right strategy, you can easily and confidently create a look that's cohesive, not chaotic. Interior designers and DIYers alike are combining multiple finishes into a single space and bringing with it a new level of depth and personality to all kinds of design styles.

No matter your design experience level, these tips will help you select the right finishes to achieve an intentional yet effortlessly chic effect.

1. Keep it Connected

black matte faucet

The finishes on light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and other accessories can help connect your kitchen and bath to your home's other spaces.

To maintain a sense of cohesion, use two (but no more than three finishes) throughout your entire home.

black matte bathroom faucet

If you're finding it challenging to successfully balance three different metals, simply scale it back and stick to just two.

Choose one main finish for about two-thirds of your fixtures, and then incorporate a second finish for the remaining third.

2. Evaluate non-metal finishes

mixed metals kitchen

Every element in your home should combine to communicate the overall design story, and metal fixtures are just one part of that equation. Consider how the tone, texture, and design style will interact with the countertops, cabinetry, flooring, and wall color. A brilliant gold faucet could present a glamorous contrast to reclaimed wood, while sleek chrome could enhance the modern appeal of glossy white subway tiles.

And any metal finish can bring out veining and hues in natural surfaces like marble and granite. When in doubt, go neutral or monotone in the space's overall color scheme to avoid visual overload.

3. Start with a cool base

mixed metals bathroom

Mixing metals in the bath isn't so different from choosing a color scheme for any other room. You want the tones to complement, not compete with one another. Like the color wheel, metals are either "cool" or "warm," dependent upon their undertones. Cool metals include chrome, stainless steel, nickel, and pewter.

mixed metals bathroom

Cool metals beautifully complement most design styles and color palettes while functioning as timeless, neutral elements. Do you have a kitchen full of stainless-steel appliances? Don't let it stop you from getting that stunning brass faucet you've been eyeing on Pinterest!) Given their classic appeal, cool metals are the perfect foundational finish, especially for fixtures you expect to keep long term.

4. Use Warm Metals as Accents

copper bath tub

Though it may seem like it only has a supporting role, the finish used on one-third of the space's fixtures is where the drama comes in.

Warm metals like copper, bronze, brass, and various shades of gold play the part beautifully. Because they are more attention-grabbing than their cool-toned counterparts, a little will go a long way.

5. Consider texture and sheen.

mixed metals kitchen

In addition to the popular matte and polished finishes, other options include brushed, burnished, antiqued, hand-rubbed, oiled, and hammered. Each treatment offers a different feel that can reinforce the overall design style of your bath and kitchen.

mixed metals bathroom

Your choice of finish also can amplify or tone down the contrast between mixed metals. Use a dark oil-rubbed bronze to subdue the shine of polished chrome, or go for a satin finish to help connect the warm and cool metals. Here's a tip- matte and brushed finish options are a wise choice for shower fixtures that tend to get fingerprints and water spots.

By making thoughtful selections, your mix of metals will beautifully harmonize throughout your entire space while adding an unexpected and stylish touch.

Could you use a little extra help in bringing your look together? No problem! Spaces by Juliana can help specify the perfect finishes for your home. Connect with us anytime to get started!


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