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Illuminating Vanity Lighting

Vanity lighting often falls far too low on the planning priority list, yet it's one of the most critical elements in a bathroom space. Without the proper lighting, your vanity is practically useless, so we're going to cover all you need to know about how to light this vital space.

About Vanity Lights

Vanity lights illuminate your face while mounted around the mirror or directly above the countertop. They are categorized as task lights; however, you shouldn't expect them to do all the heavy lifting. They need to combine with other light layers like ambient ceiling lights or under cabinet lighting. This is vitally important to all areas of your home, which is why this is a MUST read- Illuminated Interiors: A Room-by-room Lighting Guide.

Vanity Light Sizes and Placement

The size of your vanity light will depend upon the size of your bathroom and the amount of light needed. The dimensions of your vanity and mirror should be factored in when determining the scale of your lights. If you've selected a single light fixture, it should be 1/3 the mirror's width. If it's a long space (counters over 5 ft), you can increase that to ⅔ the width. For bath bars, tubes, and multi-light fixtures, aim for 3/4 the width of your vanity. If you've got a double sink, you could always opt for mounting two smaller fixtures centered over each sink.

Sconces placed on either side of your mirror should hang 28" apart at eye level and 65" from the floor. If you have an above mirror fixture, position it 78" from the floor. If you have a seated vanity, you want to reduce the above floor measurements to anywhere from 48" - 60".

Vanity Light Shapes and Styles

Globe: Classic and clean, this style encloses the bulb in either a frosted or clear globe.

Shaded: This style hovers over the bulb, leaving the bottom open. Choose materials like glass or metal with bathroom safety ratings.

Bar: Simple and sleek, these are rectangular bars of light- usually LED.

Tube: Modern and understated; these are rounded tubular bars of light.

Multi-Light: Install several fixtures along the top of a wide mirror for balance. You can also mount them directly to each side of the mirror. Remember- it's important that the light shines directly onto your face instead of creating unflattering shadows.

Source: Curated Interior

Pendants: Single or multiple pendants suspended from the ceiling can provide both ambient and task lighting.


Source: Studio Mcgee

Don't be afraid to mix the finishes between your mirror and vanity fixtures to create an unexpected and stylish look. To learn how to mix metals like a pro, check out: Master the Mix: 5 Design Tips for Mixing Metal Finishes.

Bathroom lighting is one of the most important decisions you'll make for your bathroom, and more often than not, it's best to get the guidance of a pro. Connect with Spaces by Juliana today to get your vanity lighting game on point!


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