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7 Tips to Create A Cozy and Inviting Home

Having a home that feels warm and welcoming is a must- and not just for your guests, but for you too! And it's so simple to do! Creating an inviting home is easy when you break down all the elements that bring a cozy look together.

Here are 7 designer tips to help you create a welcoming home for all who walk through its doors, but be warned- they may never want to leave!

1. First Impressions

Don't overlook the power of curb appeal- your front door and entry set the tone for the rest of your space, so give it the attention it deserves. No one wants to walk up to a gloomy, shadowy front door, so your entry must be well-lit. Try adding a few lanterns or install stylish sconces for some inviting illumination. Want to create instant welcome vibes? Add plants! You'd be amazed at what a little greenery can do.


2. Touchable Textiles

This suggestion may seem obvious, but it's one of the most important! Go for plush rugs, deep furniture, and soft ottomans. Pile on the pillows and throws for an additional layer of cozy.


3. Get Fired Up

If you have a fireplace, highlight it! Finding pieces that work with your design style and coordinating with the space will help give it some personality. Or, consider placing one big focal piece, such as a painting or mirror, to draw the eye and pull the room together.


4. Let There Be Candlelight

No fireplace? No problem! Candles make a great cozy solution with or without a fireplace. Whether it's elegant long tapers, statuesque pillars, or groupings of tiny votives, candles placed throughout the house are guaranteed to delight the senses and put you in a relaxed mood.


5. Better Bedding

We spend so much of our lives in bed- so why not make it the best experience possible? Go ahead and spring for the more expensive sheets- it's so worth it! Find good quality throw pillows and blankets that coordinate with the rest of your space to keep things not only cozy but cohesive. For more designer bedding tips, check out The Well Dressed Bed.


6. Light it Right

You can have the coziest couch and all the layers of plush pillows and throws in the world, but if your lighting is off (think harsh, too bright, or too blue), then you can forget about ever creating a relaxing atmosphere. For a deep dive into all things lighting, be sure and check out our Lighting Guide.


7. Rug it Up

An area rug will instantly warm up your space, especially if you have hardwoods. The higher the pile, the plusher the feel. Pro Tip: Bigger is better! One of the biggest mistakes people make when purchasing a rug is going too small for the space. To learn more, check out How to Pick the Perfect Rug.


There you have it! See, told you it would be easy! If you'd like expert help on how to create the coziest home of your dreams, connect with Spaces by Juliana today!


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