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From Corporate to Cozy: How to Create a Home Office You'd Gladly Spend Hours In

cozy home office

A unique perk that working from home offers is a feeling of coziness and individuality that a typical corporate office lacks, so why not lean into it? Here are 5 design tips to help you create a happier home office:

1. Clearly Chic

home office storage

Keeping clutter to a minimum is key when it comes to having a work environment that is conducive to creativity and productivity. It will also help you mentally keep your home and work separate.

Leaving your work behind at the end of the day is more of a challenge when working from home, so having a place to tuck your miscellaneous work items away when finished will allow you to feel as if you've left the office.

The past several years we've seen a lot of open shelving space, however, office supplies are not the most eye-pleasing, so having them out on display is less than desirable. You can easily solve this through hidden storage solutions- go for stylish baskets and boxes with lids that will conceal papers, tech and other supplies. Of course, another great option is a cabinet with doors or a credenza that will quickly and easily hide away any clutter.


2. Break it Better

cozy home office design

You absolutely need a comfortable desk chair, but you may also want to consider adding a chaise or a lounge chair with an ottoman. Having a dedicated space for break time that isn't the kitchen with a pile of dirty dishes or other distractions can help you truly relax and stay on task.

Bring in a warm throw blanket, a colorful pillow or two and a soft textured rug to really take the coziness factor up a level. You'll find that it's much easier to get into the creative flow when you are physically comfortable and able to relax.


3. Take it Personal

home office gallery wall

While working remotely it’s important that we still feel connected. Whether it's a framed photo on a desk or an entire gallery wall of your favorite people and places, adding these personal touches has a remarkable impact on our mood.

Think of your home office not only as a place to get things done—but as a reflection of who you are. It should help motivate you to be your best, most productive self.


4. Be Color Wise

home office paint color

As an interior designer, I tell my clients to choose color schemes based on what they find comforting, energizing and ultimately inspiring. However, if you're looking for a little direction - blue and green tones can aid in creating a calming work environment as they have been proven to reduce anxiety levels. Aegean Teal, the 2021 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is an excellent choice for a home office due to its soothing, stress-reducing quality. Pro tip: It's best to avoid high-contrast or intense colors due to the eye strain they can cause.

To add a bit of dimension and pattern, wallpaper is great when used as an accent wall. Another interesting option is reclaimed wood- we love Stikwood, which looks incredible and has an easy peel and stick application.


5. Have Bright Ideas

home office lighting

While natural light is ideal, not every home office has enough exposure. However, don't assume that bright task lighting is the only solution to a lack of light. Think of your lighting scheme in layers: natural light from a window, wall sconces, a gorgeous chandelier and a desk lamp will all together offer plenty of options for a wide variety of tasks.

Desktop lighting in addition to ambient lighting will create the appropriate light levels needed to make the space feel comfortable and flexible while helping prevent eye strain. Be sure and check out our lighting guide for more details on how to light your space like a pro.


Whether used every day of the work week or for an occasional project, we can help create a thoughtfully designed home office that will inspire creativity and help you be your best, most productive self. Contact Spaces by Juliana today to learn more!


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