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Benjamin Moore 2023 Colors of the Year

Source: Benjamin Moore

For as long as we can remember, Benjamin Moore has been announcing their "Colors of the Year" and this year is a dramatic shift from the hues found in the 2022 Color of the Year lineup. From earthy neutrals to playful pops of color, there's something for everyone in this year's palette. So whether you're looking to freshen up a room or two or want to completely repaint your home, these color trends will give you an idea of where to start. Keep reading to get the scoop on the Benjamin Moore colors you'll be seeing everywhere in the coming year.

Raspberry Blush


Source: Benjamin Moore

A vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, Raspberry Blush enlivens the senses with an electric optimism.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Use Raspberry Blush in a dining room for a blushed update to the traditional deep red dining room, or try it on the living room walls and wainscoting.

According to Benjamin Moore, Raspberry Blush is the definition of charismatic color. This sentiment flows through the rest of their 2023 palette as we immerse ourselves in hues that make a statement.



Source: Benjamin Moore

A deep chocolate with hints of brown, black, and violet in its undertone, this enigmatic hue combines both comfort and drama.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Warm and engaging, Wenge is ideal for amping up saturation in rooms with predominantly neutral walls or bringing balance to a space with a lot of color.

Use it on exteriors for a rich update to the traditional taupe, create a focal point or in a kitchen to bring a velvety touch to the space.



Source: Benjamin Moore

Source: Benjamin Moore

A rich brown touched by orange undertones, Cinnamon is an excellent bridge between neutrals and more saturated shades–if you find you’re looking for a bolder neutral, or a more neutral hue that still feels like a focal point, Cinnamon is the spice for you.

Entertain guests with Cinnamon in common areas like living rooms or invite them to stay awhile with a guest room in this rich hue.

Savannah Green


Source: Benjamin Moore

Rich ochre, yellow and green undertones balance out this unique hue. Similar to gold leaf for your walls, Savannah Green is a statement-making shade that plays well with neutrals and saturated hues.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Offering both whimsy and drama, explore higher sheens for a lustrous take on this sprightly hue.

Opt for Savannah Green walls in a home office for a citrus-infused take on the traditional earthen-green workspace, or create an invigorating dining room, balanced by crisp White Heron, for the perfect space to entertain and indulge.

North Sea Green


Source: Benjamin Moore

Sink into this saturated shade, which blends the relaxing vibes of gray-blue hues and the simmering pleasure of blue-green.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Engaging and deep, this soothing teal has a delicate gray undertone that enrichens this moody hue.

An update to the tranquil green bathroom, turn your en suite into a spa with walls in North Sea Green, or paint a cozy dining nook for an enveloping and intimate space to dine and entertain.

Starry Night Blue


Source: Benjamin Moore

A radiant navy akin to the dark indigo of dusk, this inky hue breathes romance into any space.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Depth and dimension define walls painted in Starry Night Blue, a captivating hue with just a touch of violet in its undertone.

Paint walls in a kitchen with White Heron, and use Starry Night Blue on kitchen cabinets for a saturated, ultramarine take on the deep navy-blue cabinet, or lean into monochromatic living rooms with blue walls and velvet blue furnishings.

Conch Shell


Source: Benjamin Moore

A gentle pink reminiscent of sepia tone, this dusty hue brings to mind thoughts of sunsets captured by a vintage film camera. Conch Shell may bring a blush to your space, but this hue is not shy.

Source: Benjamin Moore

This comforting color balances out the bold vibes of this palette, appearing almost neutral alongside such striking shades.

Use on hallways and entryways for a comforting hue in transitional spaces, or opt for a contemporary, peachy take on the neutral beige living room with Conch Shell walls and trim.

New Age


Source: Benjamin Moore

Soft and ethereal, this light purple is grounded by a drop of gray. It emanates a soft spiritual sensibility, leaning into the softer side.

Source: Benjamin Moore

Appearing both gray and lavender, depending on the lighting, infuse a touch of color into any space with this engaging hue.

Infuse a gentle dose of calm into a sitting area or reading room with a New Age accent wall, or use it on walls for a whimsical, dreamy take on the vintage mauve bedroom.

So there you have it! Which hue from Benjamin Moore 2023 Color of the Year palette is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! If you'd like expert help on selecting paint colors for your home, connect with Spaces by Juliana today to get the perfect palette for your space!


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