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Project Spotlight: Modern Meets Comfort

Contemporary Remodel Saratoga

This recently completed project showcases a captivating transformation of a contemporary residence. The design masterfully merges sleek minimalism with a sense of welcoming arrival. In this project spotlight, we'll explore the stunning transformation, room by room, revealing how this project successfully blurs the lines between modern design and a feeling of being right at home.

The Exterior: Modern Minimalism Meets Warm Welcome

This project reimagines a contemporary residence, blurring the lines between sleek minimalism and a sense of arrival. The exterior boasts a clean and inviting aesthetic, carefully curated to create a lasting first impression.

The clean lines and contrasting neutrals create a sophisticated first impression, while the oversized black door and geometric elements add a touch of drama. The simple landscaping complements the overall design philosophy, creating a cohesive and visually appealing exterior that both stuns and invites.

The Entryway: A Lasting First Impression

This entryway is transformed into a captivating introduction that sets the tone for the entire residence. The centerpiece of the entryway is a pair of blue sliding barn doors adorned with sleek black hardware. This unique element offers a bold pop of color and a touch of modern industrial style. Balancing the modern aesthetic are beautiful white French doors with contemporary molding.

An iconic brass sputnik pendant light fixture hangs proudly above the entryway, casting a warm glow and adding a touch of mid-century modern flair. This statement piece ties the entire design together, creating a conversation starter from the moment guests arrive.

The Living/Dining Room: Modern Open Concept

This project transforms an open-concept living and dining room into a seamless space that prioritizes functionality, visual interest, and a sense of warmth, creating a perfect haven for entertaining and everyday living. Dramatic coffered ceilings add architectural detail and visual height, creating a sense of grandeur, while a captivating accent wall in soft gray tones adds visual interest and defines the living area without compromising the open feel.

A striking contrast is achieved by pairing a sleek, modern ceiling fan with a glamorous crystal and brass chandelier. This unexpected combination caters to both function and ambiance. Clean lines and a neutral palette define the furniture selections, creating a modern yet comfortable atmosphere.

The Kitchen: Light, Luxe, and Livable

This stunning kitchen renovation combines classic elegance with modern functionality, creating a space that's both beautiful and inviting. White shaker cabinetry provides a timeless backdrop, while the deep blue island adds a touch of drama and becomes the focal point of the room.

Balancing form and function, the beverage station features stylish blue cabinetry adorned with glass front doors, showcasing glassware and adding another layer of visual interest. Warm under cabinet lighting illuminates the workspace, while brass hardware adds a touch of sophistication throughout the cabinetry. Suspended over the island, glass globe pendants with brass accents bathe the space in a warm glow and complement the hardware.

Natural light floods the kitchen thanks to strategically placed skylights, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The glossy white herringbone tile backsplash reflects the natural light and adds a touch of texture to the walls. A warm wood accent on the range hood introduces a touch of nature and warmth, balancing the cool tones of the blue cabinetry while warm mid-tone floors add a touch of richness and tie the entire design together.

Contemporary Remodel Saratoga

The Powder Room: Jewel Box Drama

This stunning powder room renovation embraces a bold and glamorous aesthetic. The focal point is an awe-inspiring mosaic tile accent wall in shimmering shades of blue. The mosaic tiles shimmer and dance in the light, creating a jewel-box effect that's both dramatic and captivating.

A simple white stone countertop provides a clean and contemporary contrast to the vibrant mosaic wall. This balance ensures the space feels sophisticated and avoids visual overload.

Warm brass tones are incorporated throughout the space, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The use of brass in the lighting fixtures, mirror frame, hardware, and faucet creates a cohesive and polished look.

The Primary Bath: A Luxurious Retreat

This luxurious primary bath draws inspiration from a serene spa experience. Warmth and elegance are achieved through a combination of natural materials and classic finishes. A beautiful wood vanity in a rich, warm tone adds a touch of nature and creates a sense of warmth in the space.

Luxurious brass finishes are incorporated throughout the space in the lighting fixtures, lighted mirror frame, hardware,and faucet. The warm glow of the brass adds a touch of sophistication and complements the wood tones.

A stunning white stone shower with subtle gray veining creates a luxurious and spa-like experience. Frameless glass shower doors enhance the feeling of openness and allow natural light to flow through. A strategically placed skylight directly above the rainfall showerhead adds a touch of drama and creates a sense of showering under the open sky.

The Guest Baths: A Trio of Retreats

The first guest bath embraces a clean and tranquil aesthetic. A sleek white vanity with clean lines offers a timeless foundation. The focal point is a captivating botanical-shaped mosaic tile accent wall in a sophisticated white and gray palette. This motif extends into the shower enclosure, where a matching accent tile adds a touch of visual interest. A lighted mirror completes the space, providing both functionality and a touch of modern elegance.

The second guest bath exudes a sense of warmth and comfort. A beautiful wood vanity adds a touch of natural character,while the white shower tiles provide a clean canvas. A mosaic accent strip in captivating blue tones injects a pop of color and complements the wood tones beautifully.

The third guest bath design combines natural elements with modern finishes, fostering a sense of tranquility and sophistication. Taupe stone tiles adorn the shower and tub combo, offering a sense of natural elegance and mimicking the beauty of the earth. Black metal finishes are featured throughout the faucet, showerhead, and lighting fixtures, adding a touch of drama and sleekness against the taupe backdrop. A black and white stone countertop adds a timeless and polished touch, creating a visually striking contrast with the muted tones.

The Home Bar: Bold, Blue, and Beautiful

This project transforms a functional home bar into a captivating entertainment space, brimming with personality and sophisticated charm. Floating shelves in a bold, captivating blue steal the spotlight, drawing the eye and injecting a vibrant energy while underneath shelf lighting adds a touch of glamour.

Beneath the statement shelves, a sleek run of blue cabinetry provides ample storage for bar essentials. Integrated brass hardware adds a touch of warmth and complements the brass faucet featured behind the bar. A white stone accent wall and countertop with dramatic deep blue veining creates a striking backdrop, showcasing the bold blue cabinetry even further.

Imagine yourself stepping into a home that seamlessly blends modern minimalism with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Spaces by Juliana Linssen can make this dream a reality. We've explored the stunning transformation of this contemporary residence, room by room. Now it's your turn to envision your own dream space. Contact Spaces by Juliana Linssen today for a free consultation and let's discuss how we can create a home that reflects your unique style and personality.


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