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Design Guide: Top 5 Laundry Room Trends

Source: Chairish

Who says a laundry can't be as stylish and functional as the rest of the house? While it's an easy space to overlook, with these design ideas, it just might become your favorite room! From painted cabinets and flooring focal points to organization and multitasking spaces,

1. Multitask It

Who said a laundry room has to be for chores only? This amazing multitasking laundry room features a built-in sewing desk, allowing you to work on projects in between loads. It's also the right height for folding your clothes while seated.

2. Fur Baby Friendly

Source: Room for Tuesday

Dog lovers rejoice! Adding a dog washing station is a FANTASTIC idea that will make your life so much easier! Gone are the days of getting water absolutely everywhere when giving Fido much needed bath. A dog wash can also pull double duty as a shoe wash for those muddy days.


3. Organization on Point

If you're going to enjoy your laundry room, then organization is a MUST.

This is the kind of space where you really can't have enough accessories to help with your organization and tasks, like ironing stations, drying and sorting tables and a soaking sink.

The space pictured here really plays it smart by creating a laundry room/mudroom hybrid!


4. Cabinets in Color

Who says beautiful cabinetry is just for kitchens? Even an itty bitty laundry room can look like a jewel box with the addition of a bit of color. In the space pictured here, there's no need for clutter, thanks to blue cabinets that add functionality in style.

5. Flooring in Focus

Source: Why Tile

Gorgeous patterned tile flooring will add life to any laundry room. Here it sets the stylish tone for this narrow space. What would have been a traditional laundry room is transformed into a showstopper with stunning floor tiles.


Which trend do you love the most? Let us know in the comments! Do you want an insta-worthy laundry room but aren't sure where to start? Connect with Spaces by Juliana today for a laundry space you'll be thrilled to show off!


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