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Design Guide: On-trend Living Rooms

Living room trends

The global pandemic has made a significant impact on how we use our homes, and one space, in particular, has had to meet the ever-evolving needs and demands of our new normal. Our living rooms have transformed from being a refuge into multipurpose spaces that now emphasize work, school, and entertainment. These demands require a living area that is as comfortable as it is functional.

Natural materials with plenty of texture, cozy seating, and entertainment-focused spaces are just a couple of the trends that have on for more.

Upholstered stools living room

Cozy Everything

Recently, there has been a significant focus on furniture pieces and accessories that evoke a relaxed and comfortable vibe. Think plush, rounded edges, soft textiles in earthy neutrals, and organic prints.

Neutral living room

Living rooms are the go-to spaces where we unwind and decompress, and with all the stress of this past year, we all could use a little extra TLC!

Look for opportunities to incorporate inviting pieces that also make unique design statements. Go for low-slung sculptural seating, oversized plush chairs, upholstered ottomans, and throw pillows with soft, velvety texture.


Multifunctional Furniture

Tufted storage ottoman

Our living rooms should be approachable, comfortable, and equally as important: functional.

Multipurpose furniture is a rising trend, and it's no wonder- for many of us, our living room also serves as a home office, a classroom, and an entertainment space, so furniture that does double duty has become essential.

storage coffee table

Seating with hidden storage, multifunctional coffee table/desks, and stacking stools that double as both seating and a table are the all-star workhorse furniture pieces that will make transitioning to a variety of activities as smooth and as organized as possible.


curved sofa living room

Curved Pieces

Have you been eyeing a unique curved sofa but still haven't pulled the trigger? Now is the time to go for it! And curves are for much more than just sofas- for example, you can pair squared-off chairs with a curved coffee and side tables will make a dramatic statement.

Sectional throw pillows

Great design is all about contrast while keeping your silhouettes and material choices in balance.

Speaking of, soft curves work beautifully with many of the natural materials that are so popular right now


Cute living room

Natural Materials

Incorporating natural materials like wood, stone, wicker, and botanicals can create a sense of calm and connectedness to our spaces.

Safavieh Gianni Rattan Tropical Arm Chair [shown] has a classic yet organic look with its rattan backing, mahogany legs and cotton fabric upholstery.

It would blend beautifully and cohesively with a variety of design styles, and in the living room it could act as a side chair while doubling as an office chair.

A functional piece of art by Haussmann, this double twist stool [shown] can also serve as a side table when needed.

It's made from sustainable Monkey Pod wood and finished with walnut oil. This great piece reflects both materials and forms found in nature.

Natural materials also bring in a gorgeous color palette, like warm neutrals, shades of tan and cream, rich terra-cotta, and camel, just to name a few. By the way, if you love the look that natural materials bring to a space, then you absolutely must check out this to die for kitchen!

Modern Farmhouse living room

Entertainment Spaces

While staying in has become the new going out, more attention has been paid to what that should look like inside the home. Think giant TVs, major sound systems, built-in entertainment centers, and lounge seating worthy of a serious binge-watching session have become a priority. To truly create a theater-like atmosphere, you've got to make sure your lighting game is on-point. Check out our comprehensive lighting guide to learn how!


Want more interior design inspo? Check out this incredible project spotlight! Have your own project you're dreaming up? Connect with Spaces by Juliana today for everything from finishing touches to full renovations!


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