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Kitchen Cabinets: The Top 8 Styles

Are you thinking about a kitchen refresh? Then look no further than the cabinets! Revamping your kitchen cabinetry is a fantastic and relatively inexpensive way to transform the look of your kitchen space. Now, you have lots of options when it comes to cabinet styles, so here is a breakdown of the top 8 kitchen cabinet styles for every taste.

1. Shaker

Shaker-style cabinets are an absolute staple in today's kitchen design. They are a highly versatile choice for various kitchen styles as they are simple recessed panels with a lack of ornate detailing. Because Shaker cabinets have such a simple silhouette, they look just as gorgeous when done in classic white as they do in bolder hues, like navy or green.

2. Slab or Flat Panel

One of the most popular choices is a slab or flat panel kitchen cabinet. Clean-lined, easy to care for, and visually unfussy, this cabinet style is conveniently mass-produced, so it's widely available in a variety of materials like wood, melamine, laminate, and Thermofoil.

3. Traditional

Traditional cabinetry typically features details like raised panels, beadboard, and other flourishes that are perfect if you love a classic and timeless look. Traditional cabinets are often rendered in dark woods or classic maple or painted in neutral colors.

4. Contemporary

Source: Crystal Cabinets

Often hardware-free and glossy, contemporary kitchen cabinets produce a super sleek and chic look. Contemporary cabinets come in a range of materials and are easily recognized by their absence of ornamentation and a simple form.

5. Glass Front

Glass-front cabinets lighten up the solid block effect of an entire wall of cabinets and can be backlit for extra drama. It's a great alternative to open shelving as the glass keeps dust and grime away from your dishware. They are also convenient as they limit the need to open the cabinets to find what you are looking for.

6. Louvered

Source: The Spruce

Louvered kitchen cabinets have horizontal wood slats that provide texture and visual interest. From a practical point of view, they provide ventilation, which can be especially useful if you're located in a climate with high humidity.

7. Open Shelving

Open shelving has recently come back as a style that breaks up the monotony of identical cabinetry. In this contemporary kitchen, floating wood shelves add a touch of warmth to an all-white space. Open shelving can be a great option as long as you can keep them looking organized and stylish. However, if you aren't exactly the neatest person or find visual clutter bothersome, think twice before committing to this option.

8. Rustic

Whether softly distressed or raw and weathered, rustic kitchen cabinets give off a relaxed, lived-in vibe. This warm and cozy style uses natural materials, a blend of textures, and other rustic design details that come together to tell a uniquely rich story.

Which kitchen cabinet style is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Not sure where to start? Connect with Spaces by Juliana today to get expert guidance on the right kitchen cabinets for you!


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