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Design Guide: 7 Styling Tips for a Desert Modern Space

Source: Modsy

Desert modern is the hottest interior design trend right now— and not just in the desert climates! It's easy to see why: a swanky combination of boho chic and warm Scandinavian modern, all with an organic mood that's incredibly fresh. Desert modern has a minimalist vibe, drawing inspo from the gorgeous desert landscapes. Highlights of the style include layering natural textures, sleek framed furniture, neutral colors, and artisanal décor.

Follow these 7 Desert Modern styling tips to make your home look totally hot- without the extreme temps.

1. Go Natural

Incorporating natural materials is a must when styling a Desert Modern space. Leather in particular (including faux) is a signature of this design style. Just make sure you're using the right silhouette- nothing overstuffed or elaborate, keep it sleek and simple. Be sure to fill your room with natural textures from ceiling to floor with things like jute rugs, rattan pendants, cane-back chairs, and terra cotta pots.

2. Look to the Desert for Your Color Palette

Desert Modern is probably most known for its desert-inspired, muted color palette of dusty tans, blush pinks, rust oranges, and corals. Stay away from dark, heavy hues and instead embrace the sun-bleached warm tones you find under the desert open skies. For accent colors, look to what's naturally found in the desert for inspiration: the deep green of a cactus, the cool tone of an agave plant, or the rust orange of terra cotta.

3. Paint Your Walls White

Source: Modsy

A vital component of the Desert Modern palette is a backdrop of white, which not only mimics the look of Spanish adobe buildings, it will also make the desert colors of your accessories and décor pop.

PRO TIP: Don't forget to add a tiny bit of black accents here and there to really ground the space, whether that's a simple black bowl or black metal chair legs.

4. Pull in Pattern

Source: MyDomaine

Pops of southwest geometric patterns in abstract art, rugs, and pillows play beautifully with the modern tone of this design style. Just don't overdo it! The goal here isn't to create a "themed" room, so try not to take the inspiration too literally. Remember, you want "Desert Chic," not "Desert Schtick." If you keep the patterned pieces to neutrals, this will help keep the overall look restrained.

5. Bring in Baskets

Source: Pinterest

Not only do baskets act as functional décor, their open weave design perfectly complements the leather and natural stone materials found in the Desert Modern style. Look for styles with fringe to add even more texture to the space.

6. Use Plenty of Plants

Source: The Imagists

Desert indigenous cacti and succulents are another must. The accompanying container needs to match the Desert Modern vibe as well, so choose rounded pots and vases in soft earth tones.

7. Be Intentional with Textiles

Source: Dwell

Desert modern interiors are all about artisanal textiles typically made of cotton or wool, and feature stepped motif patterns.

Whether it's a rug, wall hanging, or throws, go for a mix of textiles that feature both bold and subtle southwestern patterns in the desert palette of terra cotta orange, light sand, stone grey, and black.

With its connection to the tranquil desert landscape, Desert Modern can transform and space into a serene sanctuary that brings the outside in. Are you ready to take on this trend? Let us know in the comments?

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