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Peek into the Future: Top Kitchen & Bath Trends Spotted at KBIS 2024

Kitchen and Bath Trends 2024
Source: Design Milk

The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is a yearly design extravaganza that sets the tone for the hottest trends we'll see in kitchens and baths for years to come. This year's show dazzled with a focus on nature-inspired elements, bold pops of color, and a return to softer shapes.

If you're planning a kitchen or bath renovation, get ready! Here are the trends that will be taking center stage:

A Touch of French Flair

La Cornue style ranges, known for their classic lines and statement colors, are making a comeback. These beauties add a touch of European elegance to any kitchen.

Stone Chic

Stone and porcelain are taking center stage, not just on countertops, but on cabinet fronts as well! This luxurious look adds a touch of texture and drama to your kitchen or bath.

Perfection in Porcelain

For those who love the look of natural stone but want the ease of maintenance, hyper-realistic stone-looking porcelain slabs are a dream come true. These beauties offer the stunning look of marble or quartz with superior durability.

Reeded Refinement

Get ready to see reeding everywhere! This design element, featuring vertical lines, is being incorporated into everything from wall panels to cabinet doors and even plumbing hardware. It adds a touch of texture and visual interest.

Blooming with Beauty

Nature is inspiring not just colors, but patterns as well! 3D wall tiles with botanical motifs are a stunning way to add a touch of the outdoors to your space.

A Splash of Color

Colorful plumbing fixtures and appliances in bold tones like poppy red or saffron yellow add a major dose of personality to your kitchen or bath.

Nature's Influence

Fixtures are taking on organic shapes inspired by nature. Think waterfall faucets, pebble-shaped sinks, and organic curves that mimic leaves or flowers.

Curves for Days

From rounded countertops to curved cabinetry, there's a definite move towards softer lines and a more relaxed aesthetic. This trend creates a sense of flow and movement in your space.

Botanical Bliss

Botanical patterns are a major theme, appearing not just on tiles but also on wallpaper, rugs, and even cabinet doors. This trend brings the beauty of the outdoors right into your home.

Here's even more of what's trending in 2024 kitchen and bath:

Ready to Create Your Dream Kitchen or Bath?

These trends offer a wealth of inspiration for creating a kitchen or bath that's both stylish and functional. But where do you begin? Contact Spaces by Juliana Linssen Interior Design today! Our team of experienced designers will help you translate these trends into a space that perfectly reflects your taste and lifestyle. Let's create a kitchen or bath that's not just trendy, but timeless!


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