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The Best 2023 Interior Design Trends

Certain interior design trends may come and go, but if you're designing your home, buying a new one, or just doing a simple space refresh, you're probably curious about the next big interior design trends. While you want to avoid trends on their way out, you should only look to them to partially dictate your design decisions. Still, if you're selling your home in the coming year or need direction for your latest design project, trends are an essential factor to consider.

Read on for the top five trends that will be here to stay for 2023.

1. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have become controversial recently. While some designers have declared open floor plans are over, this trend is not going away soon. Open spaces allow us to do life together, and while the shift to working from home often demands privacy, most of us prefer not to be isolated in a room all day.

Additionally, it's just a more practical choice. This is especially true of open kitchens for families with young children, and there are always easy ways to create privacy or specific zones if needed for a multipurpose space.

2. Minimalism

Like it or not, minimalism is here to say. The desire to simplify and live with items that spark joy remains an ideal scenario for many. However, this trend is evolving toward more of a Japandi style. Think minimal but warm, inviting, and with a bit more personality than the typical minimalist style.

3. Neutrals

Neutrals have had a strong presence in recent years, and it's easy to understand why. They are easy to incorporate into most design styles and act as the perfect backdrop for pops of accent colors. However, in 2023, we are shifting toward different neutral shades, including colors that typically aren't considered neutrals, like muted blues and greens, and desert tones, like terra cotta. It's all about warm beiges or light taupes/tans when it comes to paint, carpet, upholstery, etc., and then we're adding pops of color with the decor.

4. Nature-Inspired

Given nature's calming effect on our environment, organic materials and earth tones likely won't look dated any time soon. Expect lots of wood and nature-inspired colors like moss greens and tranquil blues. Another way to achieve this effect is by adding greenery - simply layer foliage stems around your home in earth-toned vessels.

5. Unexpected Accessories

In 2023, expect to see a rise in more exciting and unique accessories. While coffee table books will always be a staple, this coming year, we'll see more unexpected pieces incorporated into design plans. To achieve this look, try checking out an antique or thrift shop to see what unique home decor pieces you can find.

From open floor plans to nature-inspired design, these 2023 interior design trends offer something for everyone. Which trend is your favorite for 2023? Let us know in the comments! If you're looking for help incorporating these or other trends into your space, connect with Spaces by Juliana today to bring your vision to life!


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