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What is Transitional Design?

Source: HGTV

The Transitional design style is a blend of traditional and modern design as it uses the best design features from both styles and brings them together cohesively. Transitional design is sophisticated and stands on its own through timeless styling combinations. The unity of traditional and modern decor keeps a transitional space from looking too much like any specific design style.

The key to Transitional design is to use furnishings with common elements to make everything feel coordinated. This design style is perfect for anyone who likes a classic yet current look or wants to experiment with several styles. Read on to learn more about creating Transitional style in your home.

What Does a Transitional Home Look Like?

Transitional design embodies traditional elements juxtaposed with modern design features while emphasizing a focal point with supporting accent pieces. It avoids an overplay of colors, heavy patterns, and anything overly ornate. Transitional architecture can feature anything from traditional crown molding and wainscotting to modern, clean lines with minimal ornamentation.

How Do I Design My Space in the Transitional Style?

Color Palette

Transitional colors are most commonly soft and light, but darker, more moody hues can be used. The palette consists of a tonal range of neutral hues and complementary shades with subtle pops of color dispersed throughout.


Transitional furnishings showcase simple silhouettes, similarly scaled furniture legs, and plush overstuffed upholstery.


Transitional flooring typically includes hardwoods in various tones, as well as tile, cement, and simple stone materials.


Transitional decor includes a mix of classic and contemporary pieces in a variety of textiles and textures in minimal patterns. Simple drapes in a solid color are often used to pull the other tonal elements of the room together.

What are your thoughts on Transitional design? Let us know in the comments! If you'd like expert help on pulling together a Transitional look in your home, connect with Spaces by Juliana today!


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